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Vacation Rental Cleaning

Living Room

We vacuum all carpets and mop the hard surface floors. We also vacuum the furniture if needed, including the cushions. We dust the window sills, furniture, window blinds, ceiling fans and lamps. We wipe prints and smudges off the glass doors.


We clean the kitchen by sanitizing all kitchen surfaces, appliances, table and chairs. We wipe out the inside of both the oven and microwave. We empty the refrigerator and freezer and wipe them clean. We sweep and wet mop the floor.  We unload dishes from the dishwasher and put them away. We restock the dish detergent, paper towels and trash bags and lay out clean dishtowels. We take out the trash and leave two new trash bags in every waste basket or garbage can.


We will wash all the sheets and make all the beds with fresh linens. We vacuum the floors, including under the beds. We dust the furniture and clean all mirrors and glass.


We clean and sanitize all showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks in the bathrooms. We wipe down the mirrors and all other surfaces. We sweep and mop the floors. We wash and set out clean linens including towels, washcloths and a bath mat. We replenish the toilet paper and take out the trash.

Other Areas

Leave the washer and dryer are empty of clothing and clean out the lint trap. Look around the property, and change any necessary light bulbs if available. Sweep balcony and clean off outdoor furniture.

                              Deep Cleans

Our Deep Cleaning Service: Detailed cleaning of your home includes, all furniture dusted, baseboards, blinds, shutters and ceiling fans. Kitchen: We clean appliances in and out,  move appliances (that can be moved) out and clean behind them, clean oven, cabinet exteriors and interiors, counters, sink, empty trash. Bathrooms: cabinet exteriors and interiors, counters, sinks, vanities, mirrors, showers, toilets and bathtubs. Bedrooms: Furniture is dusted and bedding and bedspreads, blankets and mattress pads are laundered at our shop in commercial washers and driers and brought back. Carpet is vacuumed and floors are mopped.



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